The Northern Michigan University Center for Native American Studies is now in the midst of the analysis and reporting phase of the Decolonizing Diet Project. The DDP staff are busy sorting through the data and preparing presentations and reports. We will be hosting some DDP sponsored events periodically as we continue working on the data. Although the implementation phase has come and gone, we know that the research subjects and friends and family of the DDP are still interacting on Facebook and will continue to incorporate what we have learned from our experience into our daily lives.

We would like to say chi-miigwech (many thanks) to those who have supported our project thus far including Northern Michigan University, the US Forest Service, the Cedar Tree Institute, the Kewenaw Bay Indian Community, and several businesses (please see the list of supporters at the DDP Group Site). If you or your organization would like to donate to this project (whether in the form of food, equipment, or cash), or if you have any questions about the DDP, please contact Dr. Martin Reinhardt, principal investigator, at (906)-227-1397, or email:

We wish everyone the very best as we continue on this exciting adventure.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

DDP Health Check Up Reminder and Free Clinic

Don't forget to get your DDP check up for this quarter. We are holding the free DDP Health Check Clinic for DDP research subjects only this week Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-10am. The blood work will be done in West Science, but the non-blood measures will be done in Whitman 142. It is recommended that research subjects get their blood work done first and then come over to Whitman to get their non-blood measures afterward. Don't forget that you need to fast for 12 hours prior to your blood work.


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