The Decolonizing Diet Project (DDP) was a pilot study of the relationship between humans and Indigenous foods of the Great Lakes Region. Dr. Martin Reinhardt, associate professor of Native American Studies served as the principal investigator and a research subject for the DDP.

The planning phase of the project ran from 2010 to 2012. The implementation phase ran from March 25, 2012 to March 24, 2013. The analysis and reporting phase was from March 25, 2013 to Summer of 2014.

Dr. Reinhardt authored a chapter in the following publication about the outcomes of the DDP:

Reinhardt, M. (2015). “Spirit food: A multidimensional overview of the Decolonizing Diet Project”. Indigenous Innovation: Universalities and Peculiarities, eds., E. Sumida Huaman and B. Sriraman. Rotterdam: Sense.

Reinhardt co-authored a DDP Cookbook with fellow research subjects Leora Lancaster and April Lindala:

Reinhardt, M., Lancaster, L., and Lindala, A. (2016). Decolonizing Diet Project Cookbook. Featuring Indigenous food recipes from the Great Lakes Region. Marquette, MI: Northern Michigan University, Center for Native American Studies. Reinhardt is currently working on another chapter for an upcoming publication which will feature his and his wife's (Tina Moses) reflections about the DDP.

A DDP Three Year Follow-Up Study was recently conducted by K. Nim Reinhardt, a senior nursing student and Indian Health Services Scholar/McNair Scholar at NMU (and yes, she is Dr. Reinhardt's older daughter too). Findings from this study may be submitted for publication soon also.

The DDP continues to influence many other projects and has a wide following on Facebook and in communities around the world. Dr. Reinhardt continues to present on the project and will be looking at future projects related to the outcomes of the DDP.

We would like to thank all of those who have assisted with the DDP over the years and would be more than happy to answer any questions about the DDP via email at:

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DDP Group Site Unavailable on June 6th

On Wednesday, June 6th , the university's collaboration system, SHARE, ( will be unavailable beginning at 8 a.m. and continuing until approximately 5 p.m. due to a system upgrade.      

Essentially, this means that the DDP Group site will be unavailable for most of the day on June 6th.

PEIF DDP Classes 2 & 3 to be Rescheduled

Due to low attendance and a mix up on the date of the last PEIF DDP class, we are going to have the PEIF reschedule classes 2 & 3. You may have already figured out that there is no June 31st as was shown in the email we received from PEIF staff. In order to get an idea of what time is going to work best for DDP research subjects who are also PEIF pass holders, please email Dr. Martin Reinhardt at the day of the week and the time that is most convenient for your schedules. Again, this is only for those research subjects who also have a PEIF pass.

3 Vacancies for DDP Research Subjects

There are currently 3 vacancies for DDP research subjects. Please encourage your colleagues to consider applying for these open non-paid positions. If you know of someone who is interested in being a volunteer research subject for this project, have them contact Dr. Martin Reinhardt at by June 15, 2012. They will need to schedule an appointment to fill out the required paperwork and go through a project orientation. It will take about an hour of their time. They will be required to get an annual physical and keep a daily journalof their eating and exercise activities if accepted. The DDP will be ongoing between now and March 25, 2013. Research subjects must be 18 years or older.